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Our Philosophy

Crimson woman is a movement that empowers you to shift awareness and harness your talents to change your world. Through our innovative and interactive programs, Crimson Woman strives to bring personal and professional transformation in your life. We also customize our programs and workshops for our clients to meet their evolving needs.

Why Crimson Woman?

Our holistic approach to personal development and personal leadership provides clarity and self-mastery. It allows you to understand your strength and abilities and to be aligned with your higher purpose in order to be engaged in a life long pursuit of greater success and happiness.


Felora Derakhshani Founder, CEO Felora-DerakhshaniFelora Derakhshani is a motivational speaker, author, executive coach, leadership peace-building consultant and an entrepreneur. Through her transformative power of self- knowledge, empowerment, and personal leadership she gained a value and expertise well beyond her formal education. After sixteen years of working as an electro-mechanical engineer and engineering manager in the nuclear industry, she left the private sector in order to lead a life of dedicated service. In 1996, she founded the non-profit women empowerment organization, ACT Women while she was still in the private sector. In the past few years, her Crimson Woman Institute, a women personal development and leadership consulting company organically came to fruition. Both organizations serve to enable people to transform their lives and achieve extraordinary results. Thousands of women, around the world, have attained their goals through her empowerment seminars, workshops and speeches. She is also the founding board member and served as a chair of a global non-profit organization, Peace Through Commerce, for which she wrote the matrix of peace curriculum and led women retreats globally striving for sustainable peace through entrepreneurial leadership, personal leadership and empowerment.

Mandy S. Cavanaugh, M.B.A., M.S. Crimson Woman Consultant, Conference Speaker

Mandy-S.-CavanaughMandy Cavanaugh is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker focusing on highperformance, leadership, and business. Her specialty is facilitating groups in conversations that connect them to a deeper source of inspiration and purpose. She established Team Housing Solutions in 1995 as a virtual worldwide corporate housing company and continues to provide the company’s strategic vision with 85 employees and projects around the globe. Mandy is a certified High Performance Leadership Coach and Outcome Facilitator Coach in various coaching disciplines and also provides consulting in the real estate industry.





Marilyn Johnson, Past IBM Vice-President Crimson Woman Conference Speaker Marilyn-JohnsonMarilyn Johnson was the IBM Vice President, Market Development based in Armonk, New York. In this capacity, she led an organization responsible for developing IBM’s strategy for (and marketing to) businesses owned or operated by Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Women in the Americas. In 2005 she expanded her mission to include women-owned and women- led businesses in selected markets around the globe; expanding IBM market share significantly. A graduate of John Marshall University, she holds two advanced Education degrees. She attended the Harvard Business School Strategic Leadership Forum representing Finance Sector Marketing for IBM. She has held positions on the Executive Board of the Council for Better Business Bureaus and the Executive Boards of the Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Foundation, the National Council of Negro Women and American Airlines Marketing Advisory Council. Marilyn has been a featured speaker for numerous professional organizations around the world. In recognition of her many business and professional achievements, Marilyn has received numerous awards. She was named one of “The Top 25 Influential Black Women” by The Network Journal Magazine. She has been featured in Working Mother Magazine, ESSENCE Magazine, Minority Business News, The Financial Times – United Kingdom, The Atlanta Tribune, Global Executive Women, Enterprising Women Magazine, The Network Journal Magazine and Uptown Professional Magazine. MarilynJ can also be found on GreatBlackSpeakers.com.


Eileen McPhillips Portner Crimson Woman Advisory Board Eileen-McPhillips-PortnerEileen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Executive Coach and author of Recovery from Panic Disorder. She has served as Clinical Director at several major Psychiatric Hospitals with full responsibility for all clinical programs, clinical staff and patients. Eileen has owned her own consulting/coaching business focusing on executive coaching, change management, communication, strategic planning, leadership, conflict resolution, empowerment and interpersonal integrity. Eileen has also taught graduate counseling psychology classes and of her most satisfying professional pursuits was teaching a counseling dynamics course to the famed Screaming Eagles at Fort Campbell Kentucky. She is currently on Sabbatical from her private psychotherapy practice in West Lake Hills Texas, Austin Texas and residing in London, U.K. where she is focusing on her Coaching business and her non profit role. Eileen is the Director of Accelerating Women Entrepreneur’s, AWE, a division of Peace Through Commerce, and a non-profit organization. She is also the Chair Elect of PTC. Eileen has spearheaded and conducted successful workshops in Israel in the Galilee area, Nazareth Jerusalem and Beit Jala focusing on accelerating women entrepreneurs by enhancing the predictable future by utilizing organizational transformational skills focusing on a conscious, holistic framework emphasizing the role of the possible and the importance of the individual.


Aniela Costello, L.H.P. Classical Homeopath, Community Builder, Crimson Woman Advisory Board Crimson Woman Conference Speaker Aniela Costello As a classically trained Homeopath, Aniela Costello has been in clinical practice for over twenty years. She is the owner/director of Homeopathic Concepts in the Austin, Texas metro area, with clinics in New York City and San Antonio, Texas. Dedicated to the empowerment of women, Aniela offers free monthly classes enabling mothers to knowledgeably use remedies for the health of their family. Using insights into the human dynamics from the rich tapestry of Homeopathy, as a guest lecturer and workshop facilitator throughout the United States, Aniela explores the potential for unity in diversity to elevate ‘relationships’ to a new level of spirituality and collaboration.





Lori A. Person Crimson Woman Advisory Board

Lori-A.-PersonLori Person is the founder of Lapersonatx, llc, a governmental consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. She has over 25 years experience working for Texas state agencies and the Senate and with the federal government. Most recently, Lori served as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Texas Department of Information Resources. As CAO, she led governmental relations, legislative sunset reviews, strategic planning, policymaking and communications. Lori also served as an ex-officio member of the Texas Cybersecurity, Education and Economic Development Council and advisor to the State Information Security Advisory Committee. During her career, Lori served under two state senators and for six state agencies. She tweets about all things business, technology, social media and general interest @lori_person. Lori holds certifications in facilitation and crisis communication and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, Austin. Having learned governmental processes and systems, Lori is on a mission to share tools and strategies to assist public and private sector interests in positively impacting Texas state government.