Transformational Pathways

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Self-Mastery/Activating the Inner Hero

When we become accustomed to what we know, we are resistant to change which holds us in a place of complacency. We want different results from our lives, but since we stay the same the outcome also remains the same. Consequently, our personal and professional relationships suffer.

With Personal development, you will receive skills and knowledge to understand yourself and the fears that hold you back. You will learn new insight about yourself and others, which affects your response to your environment and consequently you will create a positive shift in your behavior, habits and your life. Investing in personal development will give you the motivation, courage, and skills to improve other aspects of your life.

This program can improve how you feel about yourself. It will give you tools to understand others better and to improve your personal relationships with people around you. Your professional life will also be impacted and most importantly the quality of your life will be enhanced.

Personal development is about changing your attitude towards life and this program shows you how.

Highlights of the Self-Mastery Program

  • Unlocking the Inner Hero
  • Leveraging you Strengths
  • Renewed Perception of Environment
  • Learning Self Trust
  • Inner Leadership/Outer Influence
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • Practice Creative Living
  • Value of Mindful Living
  • Self Love and Compassion
Duration: 2 Days


“Female Founder Alliance” – Weekly Entrepreneurial Program

Mindmap Your Business & Accelerate Your Growth - Training, Coaching, and Mentoring Both daytime and evening sessions are available – June 1st, 2016 @ 6:00 PM @ Tech Ranch

Whether you are the founder of a new business or trying to grow an existing entrepreneurial business, every day you face new challenges to systematically maximize your growth. As an entrepreneur, there is a great demand on your critical thinking abilities as well as entrepreneurial skills, which can very easily become overwhelming.

Our entrepreneurial program uses effective self-reliant strategies to improve different areas of business. Our program helps you create better business strategies and generate ideas for improving business plans, setting goals, creative ideas for marketing and branding, increasing management effectiveness, communication skills, etc.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need a network of other entrepreneurs and business owners that can give you support as well as an insight towards the models of success.

Highlights of the Female Founder Alliance Program

  • Self Mastery – Leadership
  • Leverage Strength
  • Renewed Perception of Business Environment
  • Develop Creative Feasibility Plan
  • Develop marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Discover Your Personal Brand
  • Map Business Vision and Growth Strategy
  • Develop Powerful Deliverables
  • Enhance Your Presentation Skills
FFA June Registration


Authenticity Leadership Development

It is very challenging in today’s society to be grounded and not search for short-lived happiness. A happy life is not for us to only have a great career, a great family, a great social life; it is also about having a great authentic and mindful connection with everyone and everything around us. When we are deficient in this area of life, we cannot be wholly present in other areas of life.

Authenticity leadership development program awakens your inner consciousness to help you to let go of the fear and the belief systems that hinders your personal and professional growth. The program offers insight and wisdom to assist you on the journey of self-discovery and inner transformational. The program encourages you to find your own path to Truth.

Highlights of the Authenticity Leadership Program

  • Self Mastery
  • Leveraging you Strengths
  • Renewed Perception of Environment
  • Learning Self Trust
  • Inner Leadership
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • Practice Creative Living
  • Value of Mindful Living
  • Self Love and Compassion
  • Understanding Higher Purpose
Duration: 3 Days


Executive Leadership

Professionals in executive leadership often experience a state of stagnation due to lack of inspiration, clarity of changing value systems of self and environment, diluting sense of personal brand and inconsistency in performance due to lack of inner drive.

This is our most comprehensive flagship program that brings together all the elements of discovery to bring out the best

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of your influence and help you practice your value systems with clarity.

Highlights of the Executive Leadership Program

  • Mapping Inner Discipline
  • Level 5 Impactful Leadership
  • Creative Thinking as Second Nature
  • Team building through Emotional Intelligence
  • Being Brilliant Everyday
  • Scaling Personal Brand
  • Leveraging Perception Management
  • Sustaining your Influence
  • Creating your significance
  • Living Your Legacy
Duration: 2 Days/Month for 12 Weeks