Crimson Woman Publishing was created to offer comprehensive support to help publish books written by women authors. Since we already attract some of the best talents in society

who have created measurable impact in our communities locally and globally, it made perfect sense to help compile their life works, professional talents, methodologies, philosophies etc. for the rest of us to learn from.   Our Crimson Woman publishing team can help individuals organize, edit, and publish your creative thoughts and expressions from ideation stage to releasing a finished product in the market.   We believe in helping women own their own copyrights and reap the profits of their hard work without having to share a large chunk of it with agents and distributors. We strive to create a platform for women authors so they may feel comfortable and collaborate in full confidence that their interest is taken care of at times.   We envision nurturing a community of the authors and helping them share their wealth of knowledge and life experiences through their books to inspire others for generations. Our services include:

  • Organization of content
  • Editing and Proof reading
  • Marketing & Branding online
  • Website presence



Whispers from Above: Answers for a Wailing Heart

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